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Xerox Multipurpose Copy Paper A4

  • Brand: Xerox Multipurpose
  • Size: A4 Paper (210mm X 297mm)
  • Substance: 80GSM, 75GSM & 70GSM
  • Brightness: 100-105%
  • Color: White (Natural)
  • Surface: Smooth
  • Density: High
  • Opacity: High
  • Formation: Good

Buy Xerox Multipurpose Copy Paper A4

Buy Xerox Multipurpose Copy Paper A4 : MINERVA is a distributor, wholesale supplier, and exporter of Xerox Multipurpose Copy Paper A4 80GSM in the global market. Xerox Multipurpose Copy Paper is a premium quality paper with environmental friendliness. Suitable for Laser printing, photocopy & more. We are leading suppliers of Xerox Multipurpose Copy Paper A4 80GSM, 75GSM & 70GSM from Thailand.

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Xerox A4 75 GSM 102-104% copy paper detail:
Brand: Xerox (original)

Specifications :

Reaming box: 5 reaming
Sheet in stack: 500
Copy paper is double-sided
Copying 100 pages/min, with the possibility of laser, with the possibility of inkjet printing, with the possibility of fax
Ability: High speed
Natural white
Opacity: 95%
Thickness: 110um
Brightness: 100% above
Whiteness: 102-104%
Quality: Imported 100% virgin wood pulp
Grade A
Weight: 80gsm
Sheet size: 210mm x 297mm, A4 international size


Humidity control Keeps sheets flat in the copier and improves throughput
Low dust content Minimizing the operating costs of your copier.
Good opacity Best quality double-sided copying
Smoothness _ Improve print quality.
Bulky Sheet Improving smooth running

Best for use with your

Laser printer
2-sided copying

Copy & Laser

IK Plus

JK Copier