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What to Consider When Buying IK Plus Paper A4

IK Plus Paper A4.

Buy IK Plus Paper A4 : IK Plus Multi-Purpose Copy Paper is made from 100% virgin wood pulp, a smooth and high-quality copy paper that provides excellent contrast and clear document printing. Use paper in laser or inkjet printers, copiers and/or standard fax machines. The paper offers amazing print results and exceptional versatility, making it a great choice for high-volume printing in the office workspace.

Environmentally friendly

Buy IK Plus Paper A4 : IK Photocopy copier paper is responsibly sourced and officially holds the Singapore Green Label from the Singapore Environment Council. IK Paper is also certified by PEFC (Programme for the Promotion of Forest Certification) for wood sourced from regulated areas in Indonesia.


  • Low dust content: Minimizing copier operating costs.
  • Humidity Control: Allows sheets to stay flat in the copier and improves throughput. Prevents double feeding and jams in the copier.
  • Good Opacity: Double-sided copying in the best quality.
  • Smoothness: Improve print quality.
  • Bulky Sheet: Improved smooth running.


  • Size: A4 – 210 x 297 (mm)
  • White color
  • Options: High-speed copying 100 pages/min., Laser option, Ink
  • Quality: Imported 100% virgin wood pulp
  • Weight: 80gsm
  • Fabric: 80g/m2
  • Brightness: 100%
  • Whiteness: CIE 167
  • Thickness: 106 cm
  • Roughness: 140 ml/min
  • Opacity: 95%
  • Package contents: 1x IK PLUS A4 80GSM

Packaging Details

  • 500 Sheets Per Sheet
  • 5 Files Per Box.
  • 1560 Boxes Per 20ft Container (With Pallet)
  • 1600 Boxes Per 20ft Container (No Pallet).
  • Total 7800 Files In One 20fcl (With Pallet).
  • Total 8000 Files In One 20fcl (No Pallet).

A4 70gsm or 80gsm?

Buy IK Plus Paper A4 : There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing A4 paper. In order to make the right decision, it is wise to be well informed about paper weight, finish, color and intended use. This article will explore these factors and provide useful information to help you make an informed decision.


A4 paper comes in a number of different weights, but for general printing jobs, the most common weights are between 70 and 200 grams per square meter (GSM). Depending on what you want to achieve, certain weights of paper will be more effective than others. The most common weights of A4 paper you will come across for office use are 70gsm and 80gsm.

A4 paper 80 g/m2

Buy IK Plus Paper A4 : 80 g/m2 is the standard grammage for your printing needs. Using 80 g/m2 paper will do wonders for reducing printing and copying headaches. Its weight is ideal for printing as it is the right thickness considering the fact that anything above that, for example 120gsm and above, would be more suitable for distribution materials such as flyers and business cards. 80 GSM – This weight is the standard weight used for everyday printing of office documents and general use.

A4 paper 70 g/m2

If you don’t regularly service your office printer, you may want to consider staying away from 70gsm A4 paper. Papers with this density may be more suitable for sketching and writing purposes. The smaller of the two most common paper weights, A4, can cause paper jams more often because they are so thin that they tend to stick together when printing multiple documents, thus causing paper jams.

Others Weight

  • 100 GSM is heavier than 80 GSM and is ideal for printing important documents. Many businesses have their papers printed on 100 GSM A4 paper as it provides a professional look and feel.
  • 150 GSM is ideal for printing leaflets and brochures as it is a stronger type of paper.
  • 170 GSM is commonly used for posters or anything else that requires thick, heavy paper.

If you are not sure which grade of paper is right for you, it is a good idea to ask your local paper supplier for advice.


What paper brands should I choose?

Your company may be loyal to using the same brand of A4 paper for years, but here are some brands that are commonly used: Double A, PaperOne and IK Yellow.


Color is another important factor when choosing A4 paper. While plain white is used for most office applications, colored A4 paper can be very effective when it comes to printing items that need to attract attention, such as flyers and posters. A4 paper is available in a wide range of colors including green, blue, yellow, orange, salmon, pink, purple and many more.


There are three main types of finish to choose from when it comes to A4 paper, and the type you choose can have a big impact on the look and feel of your finished product. Different types of finishes include glossy (coated), matte (coated) and uncoated. The uncoated paper is ideal for everyday printing that doesn’t need to look flashy, while the glossy coated A4 color paper looks great on flyers and the matte finish suits branded corporate papers.

Other considerations

There are a few other aspects you should also consider, including buying A4 paper in bulk and using recycled paper.

Bulk purchase

Dealing with a paper supplier and buying paper in bulk can definitely save your business money, so if you anticipate your company will need a large amount of paper, it’s a good idea to contact your preferred supplier to see what discounts they offer for bulk items. orders.

Recycled paper

Ethical paper companies will state on their stacks of A4 paper that their paper is ethically and sustainably sourced. Recycled paper requires less water, energy and chemicals to produce, but the final product will still be of a high standard.

How many packages should I receive?

When buying paper it is useful to know how much you are getting for your money, paper is commonly sold to the consumer in stacks and commercially in bundles, bundles and more recently on pallets. In modern times, the stack has become standardized at 500 sheets. If you buy a box of paper, it usually contains 5 reams of paper and one ream has a maximum of 500 sheets of paper. So if you buy a box of 5 packs, you get 2500 sheets of paper with your purchase! The amount you decide to buy depends on your printing needs and volume, but now you should narrow down the question to “how much do you typically print per day?”

This may depend on the industry in which your company operates. Accounting and law firms typically use a lot of paper. So if you work in these companies or in a department in a multinational company, chances are you need a box with 10 stacks of paper. For smaller companies with 1 to 20 employees, such as startups and SMEs, you may want to buy smaller quantities. However, you get cheaper prices when you buy in bulk.

How much am I willing to spend?

This is a crucial question and you will actually spend a bit more on the thicker 80gsm A4 paper. In general, the price of 70gsm A4 paper usually costs about RM2.00 less per stack compared to its 80gsm counterpart. The approximate difference of RM2.00 is a small amount to spend when the trade-off is less paper jams for smoother printing.

In total

Now that you know about A4 paper weight, color, finish and other aspects, you can make a more informed decision when choosing the A4 paper that suits your needs. Pacific Wise – Office Supplies will provide you with office supplies from stationery, pantry to many more office supplies!

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